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[Case Study] Japan Agri Challenge Asia Co., Ltd.

Non-stressed, easy-to-use reporting for both drivers and management has been established.



Japan Agri Challenge Asia Co., Ltd.


Agriculture(Manufacure and sales of “bijin tomato” - Japanese species tomato raised in Thailand.

Traget User:

Sales, Track drivers, motorcycle messengers

Problems before installing FlareDash:

  • Unable to track daily activities of staff working outside of the office

  • No way to notice current location of delivery staff when the delivery is late

  • Too many contents in the previous report to fill in for staff so that it wasn’t utilized properly.


  • Able to notice real-time location of each staff with GPS tracking function

  • Since it’s easy to input report on APP, more staff submit the report than ever which enabled the managers to see each staff’s work details better


We invited Mr. Sakota, Managing Director of Japan Agri Challenge Asia Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sakota / Managing Director


At the beginning, can you tell us about your business in Thailand?

Mr. Sakota:

We created the brand of “bijin tomato” which is cherry tomatoes of Japanese species with Japanese quality. We manufacture, deliver and sell them here in Thailand. There are 2 farms in Northern part and Northeast part of Thailand, and our HQ is based in Bangkok with a sales team. We cover all the processes by ourselves from manufacturing to delivery which is one of our strengths. Our own staff manufacture all the products in our own farm, deliver from the farms to Bangkok, refrigerate, and deliver to each client one by one.


Why do you let your staff cover all the process until delivery?

Mr. Sakota:

This is the cheapest way of accomplishing the whole process. We outsourced logistic processes other than manufacturing at the beginning, the costs of refrigerated transport in the countryside is way too expensive. They charge us separately for the cost from farms to Bangkok and delivery in Bangkok. That’s why I decided to hire drivers, lease the cars and make whole processes to be handled by our own staff.


I see, how many drivers are there in your company at the moment, by the way?

Mr. Sakota:

We have3 drivers for long distance driving, 2 messengers for delivery within the Bangkok area.

Mr. Boongyang / messenger


Thank you. So, please let us know about the usage of FlareDash which is used by those drivers. First of all, how did you know about FlareDash at the beginning?

Mr. Sakota:

I came to know about it through SNS. I requested our sales and delivery staff whose working place and time are not fixed to report lots of things on paper and the chat platform. As a result, there were too many tasks for them, which caused an increase in admin tasks to check all those reports. Because of that, our employees became less satisfied than ever. I posted this matter on SNS to seek some solution for this circumstance, then the CEO of Flare replied to me, introduced their service. This is how I got to know FlareDash.


Understood. What do you think after you start using it?


First of all, it’s really simple and easy to use. The most important thing is it is easy-to-use for our staff wherever they are and also able to check and manage without feeling any stress for admin staff. For this reason, the simplicity of FlareDash meets my requirement. Also, it is customizable according to what we need to do,which I think is another benefit for us. Our operation could be changed anytime, so this flexibility is really helpful for us.


Thank you very much for saying that. Now you let your 3 types of staff use FlareDash, don’t you?

Mr. Sakota:

Yes, it’s correct. Our sales, track drivers and motorcycle messengers use FlareDash and we aim to manage their everyday’s work and notice their real-time location. The notification will be sent to a smartphone of managers, whichI think is convenient and easy to understand.


Okay then, are there any plans or ideas how to expand your business using FlareDash?

Mr. Sakota:

Visualization of delivery and sales have been realized with FlareDash. We’d like to move on to optimization of the delivery routes, and digitize manual management in the agricultural field. Currently, our staff at the site wrote down how much the tomato seedlings grew and other data such as the temperature on the paper, although that papers often get dirty and difficult to read the records so that the records cannot be filled into the spreadsheet. It would be ideal if we could input those records into a smartphone instead of paper. We would like to utilize one of Flare's solutions, FlareWork to make this happen.

When it comes to agriculture, it is important to acquire environmental data, crop growth data, and operation data. I believe FlareWork seems to be quite suitable for recording and acquiring operation data. Right now, our staff write down manually on paper, but if this can be easily entered with the app, the workflow will be so much easier, and it will enable us to see the data in real time without waiting for posting, so it seems to be absolutely convenient.

In the future, as we proceed with farm franchising and cultivation consignment, if we let them use Flare's system to fill out a fixed format, it will be possible to visualize the site and it seems to be fairly easy to manage. We will be able to see the data in a uniform format instead of personal reports.


I see. Now that you’ve already visualized transportation and movement of the products and staff, you are aiming to eliminate paper from the agricultural field with FlareWork, and proceed with Digital Transformation.

Mr. Sakota:

Yes, indeed.


Thank you very much.

"Bijin Tomato'' can be purchased in most of the supermarkets in Bangkok, such as Central Foodhall, DonDonDonki, Foodland, Golden Place, Gourmet Market, Makotoya, Max Valu, Siam Takashimaya, Tesco Lotus (Sukhumvit 50 branch only), Tops and UFM Fuji super. They also accept orders and delivery from the official LINE account of bijin Tomato.

‘bijin tomato” official website (EN)

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