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[Case Study] Absolved from troublesome paper attendance, able to visualize drivers’ work activities


Company: TC Car Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Industry :Service (Auto leasing)

Target user: Expat driver

  • In the process of payroll, it took lots of time entering data from paper time attendance

  • Each driver's daytime activities were unclear.


  • Easy and real-time check-in/out on the smartphone

  • Save a lot of time for payroll process

  • Visualize each driver's location information


Today, we welcomed Mr. Kaneko (Managing Director), Mr. Thanaputt (HR&GA Manager) and Mr. Somrak (Driver to Mr. Kaneko) from TC Car Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd. They have been using FlareDash soon after we launched the service.

Mr. Kaneko / Managing Director


First of all, can you tell us about your business in Thailand?

Mr. Kaneko:

As a company specializing in car leasing, we were established in 2017. We are a subsidiary of Tokyo Century, which is one of the leading companies in the leasing industry in Japan.

Since we started our business later in the Japanese auto leasing industry in Thailand, we thought ordinary service such as leasing cars was not enough to catch up with early participants in this industry. We've been providing new services such as car sharing and leasing cars as a subscription service.

Clients can choose from flexible choices either using a car as a subscription for short term or lease for a long term, depending on their needs. In that sense, we believe ourselves as a “mobility service company” not an “auto leasing company”.


Thank you very much. Could you tell us how you get to know Flare Dash?

Mr. Kaneko:

I read an article in the magazine introducing the CEO of Flare and what was written there is similar to what we are heading in the future, then I became interested in Flare at first.

Then I asked the CEO to come to our office and by having a discussion, I thought it would be interesting to include “FlareDash as a driver’s time attendance system” as one of the options for our customers, we decided to put FlareDash details into our sales proposal.

( Mr. Thanaputt /HR&GA Manager )

Mr. Thanaputt: 

When I heard about Flare Dash from Mr. Kaneko, I thought that I could improve the paper attendance management and payroll calculation based on it, which I have always found troublesome.


What do you think after you start using it?

Mr. Kaneko:

Every morning when the driver arrives home and check-in on the Flare Dash app, I receive a notification of the time and the location of his check-in, then I know the driver has arrived at home.Regarding the drivers’ time attendance, it definitely improved.

Mr. Thanaputt:

Until now, at the end of the month, paper attendance records were collected from each driver and manually input one by one into the payroll system.

After I started using Flare Dash, I no longer have to enter it, and I just need to upload the attendance data to the payroll system, which greatly improves my work efficiency.

Overtime calculation and driving distance calculation are automatically calculated, and can also see the daily driving history, which is able to prevent fraud.

I think this system is perfect for managing expat drivers.

( Mr.Somrak / Driver )

Mr. Somrak (Driver):

When I started using it, I sometimes forgot to check in/out, but I got used to it in about a week. I can easily check in/out and send reports on my smartphone, and my boss will be notified in real-time, so I can have them check the reports properly.

The app is also simple and very easy to understand.


Thank you very much. How would you like to use Flare Dash in the future? Do you have any ideas to use it for other staff?

Mr. Kaneko:

Actual work conditions of Delivery staff who deliver and pick up cars are not clear for now, so I assume we can use FlareDash for them as well so that it might visualize their activities. They visit upcountry or need to visit customers urgently at midnight.


Certainly, it seems that we can contribute to visualize the work of them.

Mr. Kaneko:

Yes, I will try to find if there are any other better ways to use it. The more we understand the deeper and the easier to offer to our clients.


Thank you very much. We look forward to having a good relationship with you in the future.

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