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We use a complicated system, so we wonder that we can use FlareDash.


It is designed to be compatible with various systems, such as salary calculation for private and business use, and easy linking between employees and drivers depending on the situation.

Also, there is one month free trial. You can decide to use after one month free trial.

The power of smartphone was turned off by accident or if you intentionally turn off the power, what will happen to the record?

You can't get GPS distance and route information.

However, it's impossible to find out whether the data has been cut off by GPS interruption.

We would like to help the driver's phone bill.

Please tell us how much data is used for a month.

As for data usage, if you use it for a full month, It will be about 1 to 1.5 GB.

Are there any restrictions on the types of smartphone?


Flare Dash is available for both iOS and Android.


We use a driver agency. In this case, can we use FlareDash?


In the case that you are using a driver agency, we will explain FlareDash to you first.

After that,you will consult with the driver agency about the introduction flow and attendance method etc. Also, it is possible to take an appointment with three companies (your company, your driver agency and us) .

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