​Time & Attendance with Driving Data Tracking for Professional Drivers

Cloud Based Tracking Time & Attendance with Driving Data in Apps

Track Time & Attendance and Driving Data through App

"Cloud Based Professional Drivers Management Platform"

Time & Attendance recorded by drivers, just one tap on app.

Monitor and Analyze Driving Data automatically

Track Time & Attendance, Improve driving behavior 

No need to confirm and approve Time & Attendance record each time

​Time & Attendance is recorded by drivers within allowed location only. Prevent them to record wrong Time & Attendance. 


​Monitoring Drivers Behavior and prevent possible car accidents in advance

​Collect and Analyze Driving Data through Flare Analytics integration. Find unsafe actions Stop unsafe actions and improve driving behavior. It leads to prevent possible car accident in advance


Essential output for Payroll, Billing and Review.

Flexible and Essential output for payroll, billing and review. Working arrangement and extra time calculation can be assigned to each driver.



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