Good-bye to Paper Timesheet!
Time and Activity Tracking for Professional Drivers and Field Workers.

Cloud Based Time & Activity Tracking and Management App

Track when your staffs are at work and what your staffs are working on.

Easy and One Stop Solution


Best solution for

Sales Staff

Agency temp

Delivery Staff

Why use Flare Dash?

No more paper sheet management

Instant PayRoll Output from timesheets, files(csv,xsl) and API integration.

Automatic Driving Distance Calculation

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Activity Tracking and Progress Management

Real-Time tracking to visualize what your staffs are working on

Flare Dash is an easy solution!

Paper to Digital Timesheet and more.

Support your company unique T&A and work flow to transfer paper to digital timesheet including payroll output.

Geolocation and Activity tracking to visualize what your staffs are working on.

Real-time geolocation, activity tracking and automatic driving distance calculation and more. Use features that suit your company and visualize what your staffs are working on.

Fast and Easy Time Tracking and Activity Management

Review and approve your staffs T&A and reports immediately on messaging apps, LINE, Slack and others* when they submit.

What do you get with Flare Dash?

Time and Activity Tracking App

Easy and Fast. Just 2 taps, In and Out to track Time with any reports that suit your company.

Overtime and Break Calculation

Calculate Overtime and Break according to work schedule you set automatically.

Easy data access and management

Collect and keep all the datas from apps on Dashboard. Just access to Dashboard to manage any datas you want.

Payroll Output

Instant Payroll ouput, files (CSV, Excel) and API integration with your payroll system.

Geolocation and Driving Distance Calculation

GPS tracking to visualize where your staffs check in/out and go around with driving distance data.

Integration with Messaging Apps

Get your staffs activities on messaging apps, LINE, Slack and others

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